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We are a work-focused unit of 50+ people, 8 years old, that is just focused on doing good tech work.

Our People
Our Team

"We are consistent, open, honest and fair; we are always as good as our word. We are motivated by Bytes goals and committed to achieving them."

"We work as a happy and well-organised team. We appreciate other people’s perspectives before voicing our own ."

"We agree by polite discussion, exactly what will be done, by whom and by when. We always agree how completion will be acknowledged."

"We have a passion for active learning. We learn from our own and other people’s experiences and we share our knowledge with our customers."

"To provide a challenging, secure and fun environment, in which all of our stakeholders can excel."

"We seize responsibility and do not let go. We do not look for blame; we use our imagination to best effect taking pride in delivering quality work"

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